In today’s unpredictable economy, many people have been laid off for many months & maybe years and cannot find any type of employment. Our organization GSR SERVICES LLC specializes in finding employment for those who are willing to work from the comfort of your own home. While this option was not very popular around  5 to 10 years ago, working from home for any individual  is becoming a very pratical decision. Most Fortune 500 companies are allowing certain employees to remain at  home using their computer to handle assignments. This was virtually unheard of years ago , but with the advent of computer technology  it has become a reality . Corporations discovered that by giving  their workers this option their morale was greatly increased leading to improved productivity . All this was really dependent on how the individual adapts to the home environment without constant supervision and scrutiny, there has to be a certain level of responsibility ,self discipline and trust.  

Today there are many firms both small and large that are hiring people to work from home. GSR SERVICES LLC has created an extensive list of their own which includes over 450 REAL LEGITIMATE companies .   These firms have jobs available for just about any indiviudal, as they all require different skills, education , job experience and so on, in other words there is a job for everyone.  These days companies require customer services to be a part of their job portfolio, so you will find numerous  call center positions .   A small number of these firms will give the new applicant some type of aptitude exam to evaluate their skill level . To begin this type career  one would require a computer, headset and a quiet environment to function effectively. Most companies will not excuse any work environment that is filled with noise coming from children, animals or outside activity.  Before considering  the customer services field you must realize that you will be in contact with people who have all different types of personalities. This means that you will have to keep your overall composure and being  able to manage the phone call professionally.  Lastly being able to multi-task ( carrying on a conversation & type ) plus having  the proper  phone voice will probably be the deciding factors to secure the job you are looking for.  GSR SERVICES LLC has over 75 different firms who are actively hiring customer service agents &  call center operators.

Are you looking for a career in the medical billing or coding industry? GSR SERVICES has numerous listings of medical facilities that will hire people to work from home.  If you decide to enter this specialty you will not be disappointed as the healthcare industry remains very active for hiring employees  in our weakened economy.  Both private physicians and hospitals  need medical billers and coders to help complete the  very tedious tasks of collecting  accounts receivable and this type of career can be very rewarding .  You are probably wondering how do I get started in these attractive careers? The answer is having some formal level of vocational  or career training & on the job experience . The time period for this formal training can be anywhere from as 9 months up to 2 years. As for  job experience, the individual will be required to be engaged in some type of internship with  a  single physician or a medical facility. This job experience will prove to be invaluable to the new student as this will definitely upgrade their resume content. Once you have completed these necessary pre-requisites you will be able to apply with renewed confidence to any medical firm  that is listed with GSR SERVICES LLC .

The final job category being listed with GSR SERVICES LLC is the very highly technical profession of computer support.  As the category implies , an applicant would have to possess a high knowledge of computer software programs and  also be well versed in hardware applications. Being an independent contractor is thought to be more advantageous than an employee doing this type work. This mainly comes from the fact that you have greater opportunities to land a job and are not under any employment restrictions. Even if  the applicant is not receiving health beneifits & other perks they have greater flexibilty in deciding what projects they sign up for. As mentioned previously this profession definitely requires a deep knowledge of computers and it should come as no surprise that your job skills are very much in demand.  You will discover that  whoever hires you for a particular project will reward you graciously for your high level of expertise.  Working in the high tech arena for computers  will also give you an advantage in applying for Freelance gigs . These type of  temporary jobs are great since they  require a higher level of job skill and will give you an greater opportunity to work from home.  It also goes without saying that these freelance positions act as an wonderful substitute for income to anyone who has recently suffered a job loss. GSR SERVICES LLC has numerous   resources  that offer freelance positions. 

The final category that GSR SERVICES LLC would like to comment  on is the virtual assistant profession. This happens to be one of the fastest growing work from home job categories today. Another positive is that the start up costs are very minimal and  your profit margins can be very high.  You are probably asking yourself what would one to get started? Well the answer to this will surprise you. The basic requirements are a computer, fax, scanner and your office experience. If you have some type of certification in a particular area or formal training you can charge even more for your secretarial virtual assistant services.  Most VA’S already possess knowlege in a wide range of  high-skilled areas, such as bookeeping, data entry, desktop publishing, acounting, word processing and so much more. Having these many qualifications will give you the option of  providing different services or you may decide to be specialized in only one field.  The Real Estate, Legal, Financial & Accounting industries are the most responsive for hiring virtual assistants. These companies by hiring homeworkers have less overhead to deal with,  such as vacation , health benfits , insurance  & other costs. If you are thinking about a career as an virtual assistant, GSR SERVICES LLC  has an extensive list of companies who are actively hiring people to work from home.